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How Should I prepare for my portrait? 

These are my personal tips on how to have a great Senior portrait. Pay attention and you will have nothing to worry about.  Shawn & Kelly Smoak will take all the worry out of your Senior portrait and replaces it with fun and excitement.

Bring a variety of clothing styles to capture different facets of your personality.  Long sleeves are preferable with exceptions for sports uniforms, bathing suits, etc.
Solid colors work best. Earth tones for more formal looks (tans, greens, blues) and whites and pastels for a softer look. Avoid busy patterns that distract from the face.
Ladies, please no glitter make-up.  Only 2 or 3 flecks will catch light, and this requires retouching.
Bring props that say something about you.
A new hairstyle before your session is NOT recommended.
If you wear eyeglasses, consider asking our optometrist for an empty pair of  "loaner frames."
Avoid tan lines and sunburns. (These are almost impossible to retouch.)  We don't recommend tanning prior to your session.
Bring a friend, or friends!
Relax and have FUN!!  -  You'll walk away from the session wondering why you were so worried!

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Shawn Smoak
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